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Golden Standards, Green Futures

Paracale Gold Corp



To revolutionize the mining industry by implementing environmentally friendly mining techniques, while also ensuring community growth and sustainable profitability.


To set the gold standard for green mining globally, highlighting the seamless integration of economic growth with environmental stewardship.

Current Projects


Green Mining Projects

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Community Developments

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Green Farming Projects


Current Activities

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Mineral Acquisition

We acquire and develop property into large-scale production.

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Geological Study

We systematically examine an area to determine the value of mineral resources.

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Financing & Investment

We raise capital through private and public investments and develop the property sustainably.



Paracale Gold Corp. (PGC) is more than just a mining company. A registered company in Canada and the Philippines, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to the exploration, acquisition, financing, and management of mining developments driven by a dedication to reshaping the future of gold mining.

Our focus isn't solely on extracting resources; it's about doing it right. We envision a future where sustainable gold mining is the norm, not the exception. This drives us to implement responsible mining practices, ensuring we prioritize our planet and its people. Embracing green methodologies that set new standards for environmental responsibility, extract value in harmony with nature, adopt practices that maintain ecological balance, prioritize human health, and contribute to the long-term prosperity of local communities.

Community and Environment

At PGC, we recognize that our work goes beyond the mines. It's about nurturing the land that yields its treasures and supporting the communities that have grown alongside it. We're committed to developing initiatives that support local infrastructure, education, and community wellness, from developing schools for indigenous communities to creating a Green Brigade of eco-warriors devoted to sustainable farming, responsible waste management, and the safeguarding of natural habitats.

Commitment to Sustainability

Our approach is built on transparency, integrity, and respect for the people and the planet. Every decision is measured against its long-term impact on the environment and the well-being of our communities. Through collaboration with industry experts, we're implementing cutting-edge technologies and methods to ensure that the legacy we leave is one of prosperity and sustainability.

  • Minimized Environmental Impact: We're determined to keep it that way, minimizing our footprint and emphasizing preservation at every turn.

  • Holistic Waste Management: We're not just thinking about the now. Our waste management solutions are comprehensive, aiming to ensure long-term ecological balance.

  • Community-centred Approach:  We're devoted to ensuring the well-being and prosperity of the local community, offering training, employment, and infrastructural support.

With a rich heritage rooted in international business expertise and a heart that beats for sustainability, we aim to set a gold standard, proving that profitability and environmental responsibility coexist harmoniously in the mining sector. Together, we will not only discover the riches beneath our feet but also protect the invaluable resources around us.

Join us as we craft a brighter, greener future for gold mining.

Paracale Gold Corp.: Where Gold Meets Green...

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Ongoing project located in Paracale and Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte.

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Our Team

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Allan Inocalla

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Robeco Clarete

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526 Gordon Baker Road, Toronto, ON M2H-3B4


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427 North Main Street, Marion Virginia, 24354


Inocalla Properties

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